Wednesday, January 4, 2012

And so another year begins....shouldn't we all be living the Jetson's lifestyle by now?

Of course, we've all heard it...the Mayans believed this would be the end of it all.  I don't buy it.  It does bring up the age old question: If you knew the world was going to end....what would you do?  Where would you go?
Obviously, the world will end one day.....2012 just isn't it.  This pretty wise fellow....known as Jesus, once said, " But the exact day and hour? No one knows that, not even heaven's angels, not even the Son.  Only the Father knows. " (Matthew 36, MSG).  But playing the "what if?" game couldn't hurt.  I stumbled upon someone on Pinterest the other day who had an Apocolypse board...filled with preperations like differents kids of chickens and what they were good for.  I found it funny, not sure if the person was being cheeky or serious, entertaining nonetheless. 
If I knew the world was going to really be kaput this year.....
I would keep the kids home from school and make memories and experiences count
I would travel, anywhere and everywhere I possibly could and bring the whole family along
I would visit with my family as much as possible, in town and out of town
I would pray....a lot
I would learn something I never thought I had enough time to before....maybe knitting
I would skydive
I would experience all four seasons the "right" way
I would swim with dolphins
Go whale watching
Help someone everyday
tell all of my closest friends how much I loved them and why
tell my family how much they mean to me
not get on Facebook
live on the beach

I'm sure I've got about a million of those left. 
Since the world isn't ending today here are some of my fave moments from Christmas break...

Making salt dough ornaments....if you want to try it at your house, I used the recipe over at Growing Up a NJ Wife.  We made ours a little too thick...but the fun making them is what counts and they will now be treasured ornaments...even though my tree might fall over from the weight of them. 

Random family fun

Our Pinterest inspired Santa Key...this one thanks Santa for stopping by while we celebrate the birth of Jesus. Try to ignore the dirty doorjamb, the one thing I forgot to clean and I took a picture of it. Smart thinking.

Heading out to the Christmas Eve Eve service at church

My dad. He is up and moving around and feeling good....not even 3 months after a heart transplant! God is good!

Spreading the magical reindeer food on Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve

With Hubby

Buddy waiting for his ride home to the North Pole

All the kids with the pumped up kicks....

R and her fave present....her name is Taylor Jane

So smooth....

My mom and sister with the kiddos on Christmas morning

An exciting New Year's Eve...

He had his own fun on NYE....Xbox

So, here's to another year.  Make some memories.  Make a list of your what ifs ....and actually do some!  I plan on it. 

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