Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bathtime Interview

Lately I've noticed little things that 4 1/2 year old G says that kind of get under my skin and then I realize that the things he's saying reflects what he sees in his little 4 year old world.  The other day, he told me that there were no "mommy jobs" only "daddy jobs"....well, my feminist hair on the back of my neck was standing at attention when I realized that he was innocently talking about what he sees everyday. 
He wakes up and Mommy is here at home, where I take care of him all day then his daddy comes home from "work".  He doesn't consider my Stay at Home Mom title "work".  So, I needed to explain to him about women and how they can do pretty much anything men can do but that Mommy and Daddy decided that I would stay home and take care of things at home and the kiddos all during the day and Daddy would go to work-work and come home and help out too.  After our casual conversation I decided to interview him once again just to check in.....and that's always entertaining.  And remember, he's 4 1/2.

1.  What do you want to be when you grow up?

An animal rescuer but I will work at Bucee's (this is a local chain of gas stations with a beaver as a mascot....Google it) to keep my other job secret.

2.  How much will your jobs pay?

Well, when you come in, Mom you can buy a whole lot of drinks for only $1.

3.  Why Bucee's?

um...because I like Icee's

4.  What does Mommy do for work?  (and remember....we had our whole conversation about what moms do and girl power and all of that beforehand)

Fold clothes, clean the toilet and do laundry

(thanks, son.)

5.  What's your favorite thing about Mommy?

Sometimes you buy my ice cream....but sometimes you don't.

6.  What's your favorite thing about your brother and sister?

Nothing.  I just like you and Daddy.  Sometimes, they be mean to me, Mom and if they pick on me......I pick on them. 

7.  What's your favorite smell?

I can smell things very far Icee's and slushies

8.  What's your favorite sound?

I can hear stuff very far away a coyote and hyena fighting.....really, Mom, I can.

Yep, that's me and the nut.  And all I do is laundry and toilets. :/


  1. so cute! I've never thought about interviewing the kids - what a great idea. And it is a conversation you will always have so not to forget.

  2. ha ha ha! I love kid interviews, they always say the cutest/funniest things :)
    Thanks for sharing!


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