Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What I'm Diggin' Wednesday Blog Hop! Link up!


This week is going by way too fast.  The kids are at camp for the 2nd week and I had planned on having the house clean as a whistle before we left on our family vacation this weekend.  So far, I have:
1. Cleaned out my 9 yr old's closet...while looking for and finding a pair of shorts she needed to pack. 
2. Created a huge pile of clothes to donate from said closet.
3. Shopped at Target for our travel know the important stuff..... like toys to surprise the wild man with when he gets restless during the 12 hour road trip.
4. Organized my pantry and thrown away a load of things we never used or never will.
5. Cleaned the toilet while bathing little man....while showing him why Mommy has to clean it so much....because she has 3 boys in the house.

So......I'm not too great at sticking to a plan.  That leaves me under pressure (insert Queen song here) to get the house vacuumed, bathroom cleaned (again), the kitchen floor mopped and the front living room dusted.  The front living room is where my oldest plays his video games.....which makes it a place I try not to go into for more than a few minutes at a time.  And the dust is there. Waiting.  For me.  Laundry....and especially when the kids get home from camp is a no brainer. 

So...what am I diggin' this week other than slacking on my chores???

This -------> Burt's Bees Peach and Willowbark Deep Pore Scrub!  This stuff works!  I have been having a major issue with my pores lately.  I'm pretty sure it's hormones, yeah, let's blame it on hormones.  Last night I grabbed this to try out while I was in the shower.  It exfoliated so face felt so smooth and clean and the pores were visibly smaller and most you couldn't even see anymore.  I would recommend this to my friends and family for sure.

Amazing stuff!
Now that you know about my large pores and cleanliness habits....let's get on with Q&A!

Simple stuff here: just copy and paste the Q&A into your own great What I'm Diggin' post! Answer away and don't forget to link up below so we can get this thing going. 

1.  Library or bookstore?

2.  What is the one thing you and your spouse/partner disagree about?

3.  What one meal could you eat at least once a week? 

4.  Do you buy organic?  What are your must-haves for organics?

5.  Best summer movie so far?  Haven't been yet...which one are you dying to see this summer?

1. Library or bookstore?

I heart the library.  I am the weirdo who love how books smell and I love walking into a library and the smell of old books and the simpleness of it all.  The quiet doesn't hurt either.  That said, I do love bookstores.  Especially the coffee I buy and sip on while wandering around for hours.  Being as cheap as I am though, I am all about the library, especially for kid's books.  Every week we get about 20 books (or more) for the kiddos and it gives us something new to read everyday.  I have my NOOK now, and I am even borrowing books online from the library...but they really need to update their collection.

2. What is the one thing you and your spouse/partner disagree about?

Hmmm....probably the kids.  I feel like he is a nagger so that usually gets me going.  And if he's being grumpy.  I'm a pretty positive person....I don't get the Negative Nelly of any group.

3. What one meal could you eat at least once a week?

Tortilla Soup!  With chicken and avocado.  Mmmmmm. 

4. Do you buy organic? What are your must-haves for organics?

I definitely buy organic and the must haves for organics for me are:

I live in a super small town, our 1 (!) grocery store has a teeny weeny organic section.  I can maybe grab a few apples and a tub of baby spinach, and some milk from there.  The rest I better grab while out shopping somewhere else. 

5. Best summer movie so far? Haven't been yet...which one are you dying to see this summer?

There are so many I want to see and that I am excited that are coming out.  I really wanted to see Bridesmaids but......I took Griff to see Kung Fu Panda 2 the last week and it was great!  Since then Mr. Social has also seen Mr. Popper's Penguins, Green Lantern and Cars 2. Lucky.

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