Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tea isn't just for drinkin'.....Tea Collection - gorgeous clothing for kids {Review}

As a boy mom...that would be a mom with boys.....I have had trouble finding clothes that are unique and made from quality material.  With 2 sons and 1 daughter I definitely see the difference in clothing stores.  Girls clothes are always fun and fanciful, with plenty of choices.  Boys clothes can be....well, boring.  You've got your t shirts, jeans, denim shorts and polo shirts.  I stumbled across a clothing company that is solving this problem for the "boy moms". 
Tea Collection has beautifully made clothing for boys and girls and even some gorgeous women's clothing.  The dresses are to die for.  Tea uses such an interesting combination of colors and patterns it really keeps the eye moving.  I was sent a sample collection from Tea for my youngest son and my daughter.  My daughter was so excited when she saw the dresses.  She has worn the Maritime Stripe dress more times than I can count.  It is comfy and cozy and she slips it on every chance she gets.  I love that it can be worn dressy or extremely casual.  100 % cotton and a drop waist keep it retro but the fun play on the stripes keeps it modern.  I have already washed this dress over 5 times and it looks the same, colors still as vibrant as before. 

We received another dress too that is absolutely gorgeous.  A floral print in peach and yellow.  I love it but everytime she puts it on I no where near my camera.  She put it on the other day after swimming...which tells you how comfy these clothes are. 
G loves the selections he was sent from Tea.  He has worn the Boardwalk hooded sweater everywhere.  It is super soft and touchable and he loves to put it on when he gets sleepy and wants to cuddle on the couch.  I love how easy it is to take care of and the quality of the material and stitching.  The French Terry Cargo shorts are soft too....and are wearable for any occasion.  They have a very beachy feel and go great with flip flops.  He really does play in these clothes and I have washed them and dried them....all except the sweater that I hang to dry so it keeps it shape.  

I have truly found a great clothing company that I will be buying clothes from for a long time.  Tea Collection has beautifully made clothing for boys, girls and women that can endure play, work, school, outside and cuddled up.  They offer everything from the fanciest dresses to the comfiest pajamas.  I am impressed by their prices as well.  Everything is moderately priced and the sales are fabulous.

Go visit Tea Collection and I can guarantee you that you will find something to please your little one....or yourself!



  1. I loved the Tea clothes when my daughter was little. She had the most amazing purple dress when she was three and some cute little khaki capris. My son never wore any but he is 11 now, so not sure if they even had things for him back then. Love that hoodie!

    Great quality too!


  2. Found you via my sister, now following your fab blog, would love it if you followed back x


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