Monday, May 23, 2011

Yes, I'm THAT mom.

I'm THAT mom....the one that calls the school to make sure that an issue was taken care of. 
On Wednesday, my 12 year old son was in the gym after a fun filled day on a field trip including pizza and swimming.  He was playing a game with one of his friends and the ball accidentally smacked a girl in the arm as she walked in between the 2 kids...ball already in air.  All of a sudden, a renegade of a girl came running across the gym....wiffle ball bat in hand and whacked T in the privates, hard. 
I'm a mom with 2 sons....this is NOT okay.   A teacher didn't see, that I know of.  And because boys don't like to "tell" when they've been hurt, he didn't let anyone know.  But that was the first thing he mentioned when he got in the car that afternoon.  Let me just say that if the tables had been turned, I would have received a call from the principal and he would've been shoved in ISS fast enough to make his head spin.   This little girl has yet to get in trouble. 
I spoke to his teacher on Thursday morning, who immediately let the principal know and unfortunately the girl was absent that day.  I called on Friday morning to see if anything had been done.  Nope, the principal was then out sick.  So, I spoke to the Asst. Principal.  She went to look for the little girl and guess what.....she was off campus at a Student Council swim party!  What a great role model to be on Student Council, huh?  I wish that the girl's teacher would have been alerted Thursday of the matter so the girl would not have been allowed to go on the swim party trip but that didn't happen.  I plan on calling this morning ans making sure she gets in trouble for this. 
I know it might seem petty but to me this is important and this kid needs to be an example for girls to know that it is not okay to do this to boys.  Yeah, yeah, we've all been taught that we can make this move for self defense but we know little 12 and 13 year old girls are not using it for self defense.  They are using it as a power move and just to be mean. 
I had a friend on my personal Facebook page say that this shouldn't be okay under zero tolerance and also that she had a friend in high school hospitalized because of a girl thinking she was being "funny" by kicking him in the private.  It hurts.  This is painful and should not be a first resort for girls to make a point.  Especially during these early stages of puberty.  I mean, come on! 
I just keep thinking that if T had done anything like this girl did, he would be in such huge trouble. But because she is a will not be as severe.  I whole heartedly disagree with double standards.  I have a daughter too....we don't have double standards in this house.  In T's words:  "These girls at school think they can do whatever they want to us on the playground or at PE or where ever just because they know we've been taught not to hit them back."
As a mom to a girl, I took an extra minute to make sure R knew that this is not an okay thing to do to boys.  At school or anywhere.  We've had the whole self defense talk...this is not about that. 
So, I'm curious, have any of you had issues like this with your sons?


  1. My son just turned 2 and I do not look forward to some of the issues I will have ahead! I think you're doing the right thing. She needs to be spoken too, especially if she is on the studen council!!

  2. I homeschool my son but it doesn't keep girls from attempting to beat him on occasion. My husband took my son to a "male bonding event" also known as the mud bogs. My son is 11 and was playing with a little girl and her brother. The little girl proceeded to jump on my son's back and beat the crap out of him. My son just took it for about 3 minutes and finally pushed her off. The sheriff, who was making his rounds, saw my son push the girl off. He reprimanded my son... even after the little girl's brother told him it wasn't N's fault. The double standard is ridiculous. Luckily, when the sheriff brought my son over to my husband-- my husband put the sheriff in his place and asked him, "Why is it okay for the girl to beat up my son and not okay for him to defend himself?" Nothing was said and the guy walked away.


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