Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What I'm Diggin' Wednesday

This week has flown by and I know it's because of this wonderful weather.  To me it is wonderful Spring weather, but to many here in is dangerous.  There have been wildfires galore and no rain in sight.  Although I love warm weather and blue skies I wouldn't hate having a thunderstorm day full of cuddling on the couch and watching good movies.  But on to what I'm into this week....hopefully you see something you could dig too.

I was in Kohl's yesterday to return a pair of shorts and a dress that I bought in an obvious state of insanity.  While there I found Adidas flip flops for the boys on sale for $19.99 and the cutest summer suit for G to wear to a wedding in May. The suit, which is a 3 piece, is usually $44.00 but was on sale for 50% off! G is all about clothes, whether it's shorts and boots or an all out suit, he is happy dressing however he feels that day. 

This was yesterday afternoon, to school he wore a t shirt, shirts, his Auburn beanie and his boots
 My new haircut.  It's not too different but just different know what I mean.  A few inches (maybe more) and the come back of my side bangs to help cover up my 5 head.  My friend, Rachel, owns a salon about 20 minutes from me.  She was one of my best friends growing up and our dads were just as close.  I am so proud of her for opening and running her own successful salon and try to support her every chance I get.  Even if you're not local, you might want to check out how cute her little salon is.  Style Lab and she's also on Facebook.

I was at a stop light by the way...before you call the authorities
The Groupon for today!

Need I say more?  Let's just say that I know what my kiddos are having for dinner tonight. Yes, I know we just had Twirly Whirly Pizza!!  I will put a salad with it, MOM!
I ran to Target yesterday to grab some quick Easter $1,500, 220.22 later I have some cool finds. 
1. Archer Farms Black Pepper and Sea Salt pretzels
2. Magnetic Notepads for the kiddos' teachers for a nice "thought of you at Easter" gift" the Dollar Spot.
3. Barbie Basic for the Easter Basket of a certain 9 year old girl.  They were on sale for $17.99 and the clothes were on sale for $2.39 and they are so much more chic than the dang Fairy Barbies with the spray on neon tans that you grab for $5.  So, a Barbie and 2 outfits, she'll be happy. Online, the deal looks much different than my local Target store.  They have these Barbies on sale for $19.89 and it's Buy 1 Get One 1/2 off.
4. The cutest outfit ever for my best friend's daughter who I love so much I could just eat her whole.  They were on sale for $5 each and they are online too!  Just One You made by Carter's little sunsuits in tons of styles and designs.  I snagged the turquoise one.
5. The cutest dress that R will wear for Easter Sunday, a Mossimo Supply Co. maxi dress in yellow.  Our church is extremely casual but Easter Sunday she will wear a dress, which she doesn't mind at all.  As soon as she got home from school yesterday and saw the dress, she tried it on....and twirled of course. At my local Target store this dress was on clearance for $11.88 but online is on clearance for $16.99.  You might find a better deal at your local store too!  They had a few different colors and paired a 3/4 length sleeve cardigan, she will be ready to hit the church pew in style.
6.  More Dollar Spot finds to keep in the car for our impromptu trips to the beach:
Bright Blue big bucket with rope handle
Shovel/Pail set
I am also digging my Easter Tree that I had when we first got married.  I dug it out of the closet this morning and luckily only had 1 broken egg.  Griff has loved playing with the (non breakable) ornaments. We also dragged out every Easter basket or bucket we own so Griff could decide which one he would use tomorrow at his pre school Easter Egg Hunt. You can find all sorts of Easter trees online or you could be super ambitious and make your own!  My blogging friend from Mummy's Dress.  She hosted a spectacular little outside party at her home with this beautiful Easter tree as the centerpiece.  Go check her out immediately, she is amazingly creative.

I know it's not the best picture, but you get the point.  Our little tree is cute as can be!
The Mini Social  
Think Zulily but all Eco friendly all the time!  I am loving this site!  Online window shopping at its best.  There are amazing deals and gorgeous designs and even toys.
AG KidZone
The HUB channel in website form.  Fun games that G loves and old school characters that I love.

Method All Purpose Cleaning Wipes

I keep mine in a basket in my bathroom, when I'm bathing G I swipe whatever needs to be wiped down....I have 2 boys (and a hubby) so it's usually the toilet (and the toilet seat, and the back of the toilet, and the floor around the toilet...) and the sink that need it most.  Super quick and easy, smells good and saves me from having to spend forever cleaning the bathroom at one time which...let's face it, is probably the worst form of torture.  
  all purpose cleaning and disinfecting wipes
Real Simple

There are some outstanding aticles this month and there is a whole section called The Only Cake Story You'll Ever Need and I plan on putting it to use tonight when I make cupcakes for G's Easter Party at school tomorrow. I bought some cake mix just in case I screw up royally. 

Crazy Love by Francis Chan

I am completely having an 80's month....

I'm also digging the Welcome Wednesday Blog Hop.....I have found this hop to be the one I find the blogs I like best and also the ones that follow back like nice little bloggers. Link up!  It's from Take it From Me....but you can link up wherever you like.


  1. You and I have a lot in common:
    love the deals at Target & Kohls
    Groupon happy
    I abuse Method products, I use them so much
    & Real Simple = best mag ever.
    Very excited to have found your blog, following back!

  2. Thanks for the follow. Following you back from the hop!
    Debbie from

  3. Okay, I think I need to subscribe to Real Simple. I keep intending to and then I look at how much it costs compared to other magazines and I change my mind. I am so cheap.

    Thanks for linking up with the Bunny Hop! I'm now following your blog--I love it and I've added it to my RSS reader too (yay!).

  4. Thanks for joining up for the Bunny Hop- I'm your newest follower :o) (as Brett aka Supermom)


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