Monday, April 18, 2011

Craft Time with Colortime! Even for the not so crafty....that would be me.

Hi, my name is Liz.  I am a stay at home mom and I am not crafty.  Isn't the first step admitting the problem?

I would like to be.  Not to say I haven't tried though.  We do some "crafty" type of things but nothing to ABRACADABRA or VOILA!  I'm more of a "let them paint and Play Doh" type of gal.  One thing that I have tried on numerous occasions is Colortime fabric markers.  I was once a co troop leader for my daughter's Girl Scout troop and of course....being the token green mom I had to do a decorate your own tote project with them.  They loved it, even though we went cheap and went with the flimsy totes instead of a good, sturdy canvas.  Using fabric markers is super easy...even for the Craft Challenged and especially for kids.  I am all about self expression and not having a craft or art project too "directed" know what I mean, the whole color within the lines approach really turns me off.  This might stem from when I was little and colored everything in rainbow. 
Colortime has so many options to make a green mom happy.  Decorate your own totes and beyond.  You can buy everything you need on Colortime's website.  Don't think that only girls can be crafty either, there are plenty of options for both boys and girls.  My fave that I saw on their site has to be the Reuse, Reduce, Recycle tote.
View: Recycle Tote Bag  How cute is this???  Alternative Easter basket, anyone?  The Easter Bunny could stock this tote just as easy as a basket with Colortime fabric markers to decorate it with and goodies galore.  They have one that is specifically for Easter too....

But of course, you could be a on top of things type of Mom and already have Easter figured I need to mention once again that I am a procrastinator....I am so not ready.  There are plenty of other totes and crafts to choose from that are not Easter related but would be such a fun activity with the kiddos. 
How many of you have a Pirate wannabe in your house like I do?  Check this out...

Who's up for making a funky Pirate pillowcase with neon colors??  They have a Pirate shirt too. 
For any of you parents who are brave enough to be troop leaders for Girl might know that Colortime is a liscensed GSUSA vendor.  They have so many great things to choose from to make your meetings fun.  When I was helping lead a troop sometimes that was the hardest part, coming up with something for them to do while learning.  Girls love wearing things they created, it's a fact. 

Shirts, totes, backpacks, bandanas...they have it all for you to choose from.

Colortime is offering a wonderful coupon

This expires June 15, 2011

And if that's not cool enough for you....head over to Colortime on Facebook and "like" their page!  Once you "like" them, you are automatically entered to win one of their 3 weekly prize packs!  The prize pack includes a Recycle Tote and 3 special Colortime permanant markers.  And all you have to do is like them!  The winners are posted every Monday. 
So quick.....go Like their page or use this coupon on Colortime.  If you're  like me.....the Easter Bunny is running behind schedule. 


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  3. Those are so cool! My daughter got a backpack like that for Christmas. She loved personalizing it!

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