Wednesday, March 2, 2011

PMShut your mouth!

Okay, so I admit that every month, about 2 weeks from the day of revolting ovaries I get a teensy bit emotional and a wee bit whacked out of my brain with mood swings.  PMS?  Nah, more of a MBBAWH....that would be Mental Breakdown By Association With Hormones. 
Normally, I am only a slightly more than normal, emotional person but during these 2 weeks I am the friggin Madhatter.  So far last night and this morning, I have cried over the following things....
a DVR'd episode of Oprah where she has the most talented kids on
A commercial about depression
a book about "growing frogs" that I read to G last night
the mere THOUGHT that my oldest baby will be 12 years old tomorrow at 10:44am exactly
the overwhelming feeling that I won't get everything done for this weekend's party and Charity garage sale
the generosity of others GIVING to this garage sale's still early in the day. 

I vote for a boycott of PMS or PMDD or the CRAZIES...whatever the heck I've got.  Or maybe I should approach this in a different way.....I could always hang a BEWARE OF HORMONAL MOTHER sign on the door with a list of demands, not unlike in a hostage situation, that will help you survive around me for the next few weeks.
1. Do not even attempt to have the last word in an argument right now
2. When you are done with your plate that had your dinner on it, that I prepared, then get UP and clean it off.
3. If you are a 12,9 or 4 year old, do not fight with each other or you might have a total smack down with a 30 year old on a rampage
4. If I've asked you to hang anything up or put something together...could you maybe get to that before next month?

Nothing too hard, now is it?

Now for the rest of you normal people who are not experiencing mild to moderate crazies, enjoy the rest of the week.  It is gorgeous in Texas so I vow to get out of my funk and enjoy it.


Thanks so much for stopping by!

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