Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentine's Love List.....gotta' love the simple things.

I honestly can't believe it's almost Valentine's Day.  This year is already going by way too fast.  Which means my munchkins will eventually grow up....never mind all the times I've imagined sitting on a white sand beach just me and B while our 3 children are in college or at a wonderful, well paid still makes me sad.  This weather doesn't help either.  In Southeast Texas it is not supposed to be below freezing and looking a tad bit like London with all the gray skies and misty air.  So, I am cheering myself up with.....Girl Scout cookies that were just delivered yesterday!..... ahem, I mean, happy thoughts!! In the spirit of Valentine's Day I'm asking myself, what simple things do I just love?
  • the goofy things 4 yr old G says when he gets in the car on our way to take the big kids to school.  Yesterday, he yelled out a random list of numbers and then said "Hit it, Mom! And, that means, GO!"
  • the way R leaves notes on her marker board for me to read during the day while she's at school.....and the messages I write back. :)
  • weird things T says when I know he isn't doing what I asked him to.  This morning it took him forever to get ready and I said rather loudly while giving him the "mom" glare, "I hope you are dressed! It doesn't take 30 minutes to put on jeans!" and he looked at the dog and said "Leni, quit trying to attack me, can't you see Mom needs me to get ready?!"  He says everything with a hint of seriousness which I find absolutely hilarious.
  • freezing my butt off at the soccer field last night wasn't so fun but taking my nephew out to eat afterwards was.  15 years old and can still hug and say "I love you" to his aunt and uncle without gagging or rolling his eyes. Love that kid.
  • the way our doxie, Leni, falls on the ground and rolls on her back and wiggles side to side every time you talk to her. And her eyes which have a ton of emotion, I think I can sometimes hear her me.
  • having a great conversation with my oldest. On the way home from a basketball game the other night, after a display of not so great sportsmanship from a few kids during and after the game, we talked about learning how to deal in the real world and that I guess some parents just don't really feel like taking the time to prepare them for it.  He leaned over and said, "well, I'm glad I have you as a mom."  If you have a pre-teen, you know how rare this comment was. :)
  • the amazing healing power Girl Scout cookies have. Don't like rub them on an open wound.....but do have one when you need to smile.
  • warm socks...especially the ones from L.L. Bean that my sister gave me.
  • my heater...enough said
  • my awesome group of friends who are all so different and all funny in their own ways
  • making Valentine's boxes....just made a kick butt one today with G.  He wanted a Hulk Smash (his words) we did it.  Resembles Frankenstein a little but he loves it!
  • A new issue of Family Circle magazine because they have really good recipes
  • NEW episode of Modern Family coming on tonight!
  • did I mention Girl Scout Cookies?
  • my Crock Pot which is cooking up some wicked bad dinner right now....and it smells DELISH.
  • my grandfather's emails. <3
  • the fact that anytime we go anywhere for any amount of time, as soon as we walk in the door G says "Mom, I'm gonna hang out in my underwear, 'kay?"
  • I bought another Burt's Bees Blemish Stick last night after being out for like months...this should appeal to anyone who has to look at me......ever.
  • My hubby and his Afro puff hair that bounces when he talks, sneezes, laughs......
  • My NOOK color which I kinda' l.o.v.e.
  • the book Raising Your Spirited Child (eye opening!)
  • my dishwasher
  • dreams of my grandmothers
  • hot coffee!
  • Griff's hand in mine
  • my sweatpants :)


  1. Newest follower :) Found your blog on Bloggy Moms!

  2. Enjoy reading your blog!!

  3. Let me know when you are ready for that AUBURN Scentsy warmer and I'll give you a free scent circle with your order :)

  4. @Stacey...I will definitely be letting you know about that. :)

  5. Yep....those girl scout cookies are the bomb-diggety. Thanks for reminding me. No I have to have some for breakfast!

  6. following your blog, nice blog here, I enjoyed reading...

  7. Yum girl scout cookies...we have not gotten any yet...usually they sell them at our church but we moved this winter so I am praying this new church has them for sale. I am now following you back!


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