Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What I'm Diggin' Wednesday Blog Hop!

I am diggin' the big kids being away at Summer camp!  I really do miss them and I'm wondering what they're up to....but I gotta tell you it is quiet around here.  And Griff is having a blast being the one and only.  Yesterday, we lounged around and played in our lavish kiddie pool, complete with plastic bowls and action figures (who needs a waterfall?) and today, we took off and headed to the movies to see Kung Fu Panda 2.  We stuffed our faces with butter and a little popcorn, Twizzlers and Sour Patch Kids.  We then strolled through the mall and squeezed into one of the photo booths in the middle of the mall and cheesed our heads off.  We scored some sale stuff in Dillard's....mostly for him but I did snag a pair of sunglasses that were on clearance.  Tomorrow, I'm dragging him to Feed My Lambs to help prepare lunches and deliver to the kids in our community who need them.  Tomorrow nght.....GIRL'S NIGHT!  Hooray to having grown up conversations (some not so grown up), a Bellini and plenty of carbs and don't forget the girl bonding! 
3D Chic!
I am also diggin' on some great shopping!  I had totally forgotten about Hanna Andersson and just today decided to check them out again.  Totally scored because they were having one of their twice a year sales!  So I grabbed Rhys a bathing suit, there were a ton of cute options to mix and match.  They had the cutest little sundresses too, they pair them with leggings but to me they seem great as just swingy little sundresses or cover ups.  The Mini Social also has some really great events going on. 

Now for the Q & A!!  If you're new....and you probably are, here's the simple, no nonsense rules. 
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1. Where do you volunteer?  If you aren't yet, then where would you like to help out? 

2.  How did you meet your spouse/partner?  And how soon did you know they were the "one"?

3.  Do you let your kids play video games?  If so...what rating do you ban from your house, if any?

4.  Do you collect anything?  Do you display it or hide it?

5.  Do you have Nights Out where the hubby/wife/partner stays home to take care of the kids/hold down the fort?  What do you do and who are you with?


1. Where do you volunteer? If you aren't yet, then where would you like to help out?

Like, I mentioned earlier, I volunteer with a program called Feed My Lambs during the summer where I head to a local church and help prepare sack lunches for about 200 kiddos that would be receiving a free or reduced price lunch at school during the school year.  I started last year and my only regret was not starting sooner.  I enjoy it immensely, and it  is something that all the kids can help with.  Whether it's putting napkins or mustard packets into the sacks, putting hot dogs in their buns or helping deliver lunches door to door.  It really lets them see with their own eyes that there are people in need and we can do something about it.

2. How did you meet your spouse/partner? And how soon did you know they were the "one"?

The video store where I worked where he would come in and continuously ask me out while I was in a realtionship.  I was smitten with him for quite a while but kept it a secret.  When I finally saw him outside of the video store and I was not in a relationship it was an immediate connection.  Let's just say....we were married 3 months later.

3. Do you let your kids play video games? If so...what rating do you ban from your house, if any?

My 12 year old is really the only one that plays video games.  I usually don't let him play anything with a Mature rating....although I will go ahead and admit that I let him get Mortal Kombat.  I know, I know....but I played it when I was a kid and I'm pretty normal.  I guess. 

4. Do you collect anything? Do you display it or hide it?

We have a lot of shells in this house.  I love the beach and I bring shells home whenever I go.  I keep them in little bowls or trays in random spots in the house. My favorites are the Olive shells we picked up at Panama City Beach last summer.

5. Do you have Nights Out where the hubby/wife/partner stays home to take care of the kids/hold down the fort? What do you do and who are you with?

Yes. Definitely.  It is healthy and good.  I need my girl time.  I would like it to happen more often and but as it is it's usually once every few months.  We usually head to the best Mexican restaurant in our area and nosh on chips and hot sauce with margaritas (extra salt please).  Lately, it's an Italian place with AH-mazing food and super Bellinis.  I would like to fit a movie in each time but it's usually just dinner.  Maybe I can talk the girls into Bridesmaids tomorrow....hmmm.  Hubs is usually supportive and fine with it....I have feeling tomorrow will be even better because we are down to 1 kiddo.  All he has to do is play action figures all night.
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  1. Whooohooo i'm your new follower!!! gonna check out your blog much more tomorrow and in the next few weeks!!!

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  2. Sounds like you've been having fun with just one kid! Always nice when they get that one on one time!Doesn't happen that often which makes it all the more special!

    Just stopped by from a Wednesday blog hop. I’m following you now and hope you’ll stop by my blog sometime too! Have a lovely week.
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

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