Monday, May 2, 2011

Can I be an apple AND a turkey leg?

We've all seen the articles and the segments on morning TV. 

The Right Fit for Your Body!
The Bathing Suit for Every Body Type!
Pear Shaped?  We Have the Right Fit for You!

The usual suspects are:
Pear shaped-AKA    You got hips for days, baby
Straight - AKA   You can probably wear the same clothes as a 12 year old boy
Full Figure- AKA   More to Love
Large Bust- AKA  The Girls are working it
Apple- AKA  full figure again
Boxy- AKA  straight again
Triangle- AKA  big busts and tummy and itty bitty legs

Not many people I know can be just one of these shapes.  I'll use myself as an example, I've got a LOT going on.  I'm a combo package of apple, pear,turkey leg and some cottage cheese on the side. I'm a bit full figured and let's just say I'm an upside down triangle because I've got nothing going on up top.  I've got a bit of apple happening in my waist area...which I have noticed has gotten worse since my 30th Birthday last July.  It's harder to lose now...who am I kidding, I'm not doing much to try. 

The turkey legs are exactly what they sound like.  You know the drumsticks you find at the fair....well, my legs are shaped like that.  Big on top, skinny on the bottom.  Just like a turkey leg.

Cottage cheese is happening exactly where you think it is....that's right....back of the legs and the thighs.  So my turkey leg has been dipped in cottage cheese, that does not sound appetizing to me.  You don't have a good image of me right now, do you?

I have plenty of women friends and I don't know that many of them can fit into just one of the categories mentioned above yet that's the only choices we have.  With my hodge podge of body type I've learned a few things that work for me and many, many things that do not. 
A-line is my friend.
Satin is not (who would want it to be?)
Long is fine...if it's long enough.  I'm 5'8" with a high waist so it has to hit me where you can barely see my shoes.
Jersey dresses are no longer okay now that I have inherited the dreaded cellulite. 
V necks...YAY!
No mid length or tea length anything

So what kind of basket of food are you??  Any turkey legs in the house? No? Okay, just me then.
Don't get me wrong, I'm kinda happy with my full(ish) figure.  Wouldn't mind if my turkey legs were a little more toned and the cottage cheese magically disappeared though.

So...I'll hop off my rambling soap box and let you know how great my weekend was!
Super busy..which sadly makes it go faster. 
Saturday was my best friend's daughter's 2nd Birthday.  We are very close, and have been for years and years so I think of her as my niece and she thinks the same with my kiddos.  She was so stinkin cute and the bestie made some FANtastic cupcakes....that I got 1 picture of because I'm a slacker.  But they were Sesame Street and I swear they looked like they were done by a professional.

My sweet Hunny Bunny!

Enjoying Oscar

My hot mess of a niece rubbing red icing all over my back :)

B and G goofing around

Left the party to head to the Bob Seger concert in Houston!  One of my great friends was surprised by tickets for an early Mother's Day present and luckily I got to get in on it.  We had a girl's night out, stopping at Little Napoli for good!  We were seated in the club level, 3rd row (Yes!) which means better bathrooms and bar.  I'm not a big drinker but I enjoyed my $12.50 margarita...that I drank half of.  The music was amazing, Bob Seger is in awesome shape and he and the Silver Bullet Band had the most fun performing.  I wish my pictures would do it justice but it looks further away than what he was.  It was a blast!
Mom's Night Out!

Sunday we ran back and forth all day.  My sister in law is a senior in high school and they were raising money for Project Graduation, giving the kids somewhere fun and safe to go after graduation.  She won Cash Queen, she raised the most money!  They had a Mr. Elmo pageant (our mascot is a Roughneck named Elmo....we ARE in Texas, people).  They all went as celebrity couples and had a swimsuit competition, talent and question and answer rounds.  Hilarious!  Tons of silent auction, cake auction and bake sale items available for my kiddos to beg me for.  My nephew was also confirmed this proud of him.  Then went on to Intermission, a woman only get together once a month where you have focused speakers and discussions on Christian topics combining fun things like fashion shows.  There's always coffee and tons of plus!  My Bible study group usually meets Sunday nights at that time but once a month we've started enjoying Intermission.  Very worth the change up and makes it a wonderful start to your week. 

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. I've got the whole Chicken leg thing going know, like Turkey legs but shorter. People try to make it sound so sweet and say, "You're petite" which is code for "you're short."

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  4. Hi Lizzy Liz,
    Followed you from the Hop a Little Tuesday.
    Glad to have found your blog... I don't know why I've missed you all these time (um, maybe because I've only started blogging for like, um 1.5 months).

    You have a beautiful family, and that pic of your hunny bunny was just adorable!

    Looking forward to exploring your blog and reading more posts from you!

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  7. This is a great post! I'm most definitely not just one category, in fact, more like several which all include the larger lady!! I like to call myself voluptous, lol.

    Found you on Hop a Little Tuesday.
    CJ xx

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  10. Thanks for making me laugh this afternoon. I think part of the problem is that they try to convince us that we should fit into one category. I know I don't!

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