Friday, August 3, 2012

Homeschool Inspiration!

This has been a whirlwind of a week. 

Not that I was doing much. 

It was just emotionally exhausting.

So, we've covered the news that I will be homeschooling G this year for Kindergarten. 

And we have covered that I am nervous.  And excited.

I also came to the realization this week that I am not prepared.  Well, I'm prepared.  But the house isn't.

We live in a small, 3 bedroom/1 bath house in one of the oldest neighborhoods in our little town.  Trying to squeeze another use out of a room is going to be quite a feat. 

We luckily have two living areas and I am able to spread my stuff out a bit, but not as much as I would like. 

We have a dining table perfect for doing school work, it's high which means I can stand next to G while he's working on school work. 

After our 3 week vacation I was on a mental hiatus, exhausted from traveling and being a tourist (I know, you're crying for me).  So, when does the idea pop into my head that, "Hey, you might want to get yourself, G and the house prepared for a year in Kinder?"

Well, in the middle of the  night, of course. 

Insert panicking and rapid heartbeat.


I need to get the ball rolling here.

I am determined to keep G and I on the same schedule as the big kids who will be attending the same schools they were before the Great Homeschool G Debate.  The kids will start back at the end of this month, which means G and I will start school then too.

So, in my panic induced school nesting here are some ideas I have swiped from Pinterest and the amazing creative minds behind them....

This superb idea came from I Heart Organizing and is on my to do list.  She gives you the play by play of her playroom makeover, which could just as easily be any room you needed it to be.  I love her playful but sophisticated colors.  While you are browsing her site, take a tour of her home, beautifully done.  I love the whole idea of this seating/storage option because of the storage we will need for the homeschool curriculum and projects but also for all the toys we seem to have an abundance of.  The seating will work perfectly for small group night when we have around 12 teenage boys in our family room during the school year.  And using the indoor/outdoor fabric. Genius.

This lovely little family room/desk area is one of my favorites.  We currently have our laptop set up on an old desk of my husband's in the kitchen. I love that it is in a central location but hate how it looks like it's just "there".  You know what I mean, no thought of design, just there because we had a desk and we had a laptop so put it here. Would love to make this happen, and how amazing is all the artwork behind it?  This came from My Home Ideas and the pictures are from Southern Living.  Beware: My Home Ideas is completely addicting and once you are on the site, you will remain there for hours gathering ideas for your home. You have been warned.

 Using the trunks for seating and storage work well too.  Although finding trunks as affordable as the IKEA bookcases will be hard to do.  I love this idea more than the bookcase/bench but like I said, attainable in an affordable way?  Probably not.  Who knows....maybe I can go picking to find what I need. Our family room has huge windows in the front, I'm talking floor to ceiling and this the area that is the hardest to find something for.  You don't want to block the natural light (and I'm a sucker for natural light) and you don't want to leave it empty either. This beautiful room is brought to you by Better Homes and Gardens, of course. Don't you love BHG?  

Source: via Elizabeth on Pinterest

Okay, get ready for this. 
Replace a closet door....with a bookshelf door!
Yes, that's what I'm talking about. 
This would be so great for the family room/any room.  For homeschooling it could work beautifully by housing all of the books for specific kids/grades.  The search is on...bookcase door, you will be mine.  I'm guessing you would need to find some cute bookends (which there is never a shortage of) so your books didn't fly off everytime you opened the door. You can find this idea over at Hidden Passages, a site by the Creative Builders. 

So, now you've seen some of my wish list/dream projects and probably get the vibe I like and want to go for.  I will keep you updated on how we decide to tackle this in the short amount of time we have to do it.

Until then, here is something I can take care of super fast.  A no sew chair pocket for G.  One of the great parts about school would be all of the cool supplies.  And in Kinder most kids are introduced to the "chair pocket" where all of your supplies live so that you don't have to get up numerous times throughout the day.  Even though G will be at home for school why shouldn't he have a handy dandy chair pocket too?

We can customize this however we like.  And I think it will be a great intro to school activity that will get him pumped up.  I found this on The Organized Classroom Blog.

So, here's to the weekend!  B is taking T to the Dynamo game with the rest of his soccer team tonight and my mom just came to pick up R for a girl's day/night.  It will just be the G man and I tonight....which means junk food and movies!!  Yes!  Maybe I can talk myself into heading to Hobby Lobby, Home Depot or Lowe's to make at least a little progress on our soon to be projects.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Thanks for the mention! I just stumbled on you blog - super fun!

    The Organized Classroom Blog

    1. I'm so glad you stopped by!! You have some amazing ideas. :)


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